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As real estate investors who own real property you may inevitably encounter being a landlord. Landlording can be either very rewarding or very challenging. The most important part of landlording is establishing the relationship and its guidelines. Like any relationship there must be rules and boundaries in place to ensure that the relationship between landlord and tenant is mutually beneficial.

Knowing the basics of landlording is key. You must know how the law works and functions within this relationship. The landlord tenant relationship is governed under Texas Property Code Title 8 Chapter 92.  As a landlord you should know your obligations and rights as a landlord. You must also understand the rights and obligations of the tenants so that you may manage this relationship. Here are some resources that I use that help me become a better landlord....and when I say "be a better landlord"  I really mean "be a better INVESTOR".  Ultimately, it's all about the ROI. Like others have said, "If it doesn't make money, it doesn't make sense".

Tenant Screening

Ever wonder about an applicant's Eviction History prior to leasing to them?  It only takes minutes to begin screening your applicants. With no minimum and no sign-up fee, you can quickly access valuable information about a potential tenant.


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